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Our Sharing Hub Initiative

Before M.E. Moments even began, Meg had begun a little free library out front if her home in Caronport. This started as a storage bin full of books and grew into a couple mini-fridges full of books plus a wooden hutch! It continues to grow and our current vision is a Sharing Hub location in every rural town of southern Saskatchewan.

5% of every sale on www.memoments.org goes to support our growth and maintenance costs.

Sadly at the end January 2020 we experienced an act of vandalism. Someone took one of our repurposed mini-fridges full if junior readers and teen chapter books and it has never returned. 

Beginning Feb 2020, we decided to host an online fundraiser on memoments.org selling new and 2nd hand items to help the Sharing Hub Initiative recover and grow even stronger! 


Shop the fundraiser at https://memoments.org/collections/sharing-hub-fundraiser-sale