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Pre-Order: Fitted Face Mask Music White w/Black Lining

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Please contact us if you have an urgent mask request, and we will do our best to help.

Masks are made upon request, please allow time for the item to be made and ready for pickup or shipping. We will contact you if changes need to be made to your order for any reason - so please check your inbox and spam folders regularly for order updates.

Masks are made from two layers of 100% cotton material. Colour may vary slightly from monitor to monitor.

Style options:

  • Elastic Ear Loops
  • Elastic Head Loop (suggested for young children)
  • Latex-Free Ear Loops
  • Ribbon Head Ties


  • Extra Small: suggested for ages 3 to 6
  • Small: suggested for ages 7 to 12
  • Medium: suggested for teenagers and petite faces
  • Large:  suggested for the average adult
  • NEW! Extra-large: suggested for those with wider or longer faces. 

Fabric Face Masks are NOT SUGGESTED and will not be made by M.E. Moments for those under the age of 3 due to possible air-flow restrictions.

These masks are offered as a Pay What You Want item. You may have a mask for base price, but we encourage you to consider paying towards our free face masks campaign. All funds paid on this item go towards materials to produce free masks.

Any supplementary funds or materials after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided will be used towards future charitable campaigns. Please visit our Facebook page to be able to vote on our next campaign. 

If you would like to donate supplies please contact us!

We welcome physical donations by:

  • mail to Box 1119 Caronport SK S0H 0S0
  • drop off by appointment, please email Meg@memoments.org 

Canadian Article in regards to wearing non-medical face masks: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-tam-offers-new-advice-wear-a-non-medical-mask-when-shopping-or-using/

Cloth face masks are not meant to replace n95 masks for COVID-19 containment. For information regarding the effectiveness of fabric face masks, please visit: https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/best-materials-make-diy-face-mask-virus/?fbclid=IwAR2AYj54hYTmykpcjdMDyjKE9yMnoRJ--Gc5BjXNoOJQFAJf6n4OK59THUc

By purchasing a fabric face mask from us you agree not to hold Megan Elliott, M.E. Moments or associated parties responsible for your decision to use a fabric mask. Use at your own discretion.