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DMC 310 Diamond Painting SQUARE Resin Drills Beads DMC 310 Black

Drills are packaged by weight in grams. 200 drills are approx 1.2 grams when you get the little packs from your typical diamond painting kits.

200 drills - 1.2 grams
500 drills - 3 grams
1000 drills - 6 grams
2000 drills - 12 grams

Drills are packaged in zip-top baggies and labeled with DMC number and Shape.

COLORS MAY VARY - The DMC color number is a guideline for the industry, but dye lots are different with every manufacturer. We have no control over the shades of drills provided by our suppliers. Our drills may not perfectly match drills you have from other sources or even drills you may have purchased from us in the past.

Diamond painting is a mosaic of varying colors! Slightly lighter or slightly darker shades are rarely noticeable unless you are doing large sections of solid color.

We are always happy to accept a return for refund. Buyer responsible for return shipping costs. Contact us via Etsy with any questions or concerns.